Baltimore, MD Betting Sites & Promo Codes 2020


Welcome to Baltimore Online Sports Betting Sites Guide. Learn about legal betting websites, sportsbooks and land-based casinos in Maryland. We write about bonus promotions and promo codes. We hope the state and Baltimore will allow online betting in 2020. Meanwhile, enjoy and play responsibly!

Online sports betting in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s coming!

Bet Baltimore!

Baltimore Sports Betting

Sports betting is a popular pastime in the city of Baltimore and its large Maryland city is home to some great professional teams. Baltimore is the sports hub of the state and you will find some great teams offering endless sports activities throughout the year.

If you are looking to engage in legal sports wagering, you can find out some additional information below. While sports betting may not be offered within the borders of the state, there are some great options that are available that will allow you to legally place wagers and benefit from the amazing excitement of online betting. Online betting is quite popular with Baltimore residents and there are some great events and games that you can wager on and support your local teams.

Maryland Betting Sites

The legal landscape of sports betting is changing throughout the United States and Baltimore is working on creating laws that would allow operators to provide betting services. However, at this time, there are no legally operating sportsbooks in the city or on the state of Maryland. This does not mean that you do not have legal betting options.

You can always choose to place wagers online by visiting one of the many US friendly sportsbooks that are operating. These sites are licensed outside of the US but offer a secure and safe environment where you can engage in real money wager. Offshore betting sites offer the ability to bet on any of the Baltimore based teams and you will also find you can wager on college events like March Madness.

Offshore betting is a legal activity, so you do not have to worry about facing fines or penalties if you choose a betting site online. Until the state starts to offer their own sportsbooks, this is the safest option if you are looking to get started with any type of sports betting.

Baltimore Teams for Betting

Baltimore is home to thousands of sports fans, but the city is home to just two professional teams. You will be able to take in the excitement of baseball games with the Baltimore Orioles or enjoy the action of football games played by the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens have been a top NFL team for a number of years and they were the Super Bowl winners in 2013. They have enjoyed many successful seasons and are considered to be the most popular sports team in Maryland. As for the Orioles, they are not considered to be a championship team., but they are a leader in the MLB each year.

With these two teams, you will find some great betting options when you access any off shore betting site and there are great odds, high possible payout, and even bonuses that can ward free cash to place future wagers on your favorite Baltimore based team.

Landbased Betting near Baltimore

You may not be able to visit a local bookmaker to place sports bets or even find an operating casino that provides sports betting in Maryland, but you are able to engage in live horse racing wagering. There is the Pimlico Racecourse right in Baltimore and this is one of the top horse racing tracks in the entire country.

The race course has been up and running since 1870 and is home to the Preakness Stakes, which is the second horse race in the Triple Crown. Here, you can find some exciting betting options and will also be able to place bets on races that are being run at tracks all over the US. 

If Maryland adopts laws for sports betting, you can be sure that his race course will be one venue that will start offering a sportsbook, where you can enjoy betting on all types if sports while taking in some live horse races at the track.

Photo by Joseph Ngabo